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Experienced Watsonville Personal Injury Attorneys

Over our decades of experience, our Watsonville personal injury lawyers at Braff Law Group have seen the tremendous impact an accident has on the life of a victim. Injuries are not only painful but can have an adverse effect on the rest of your life. The insurance companies will often work diligently to prevent you from getting the compensation you need to get your life back on track. During these times, you deserve someone in your corner fighting for your rights to physical, emotional, and financial recovery.

  • Your physical recovery requires the right medical professionals to facilitate your care and healing, both short-term and long-term.
  • Your emotional recovery requires support and understanding from those around you and professionals who can lift some of the burdens of the process.
  • Your financial recovery requires that the insurance companies and at-fault parties are held accountable for providing a fair and just compensation for your damages.

Over our years of practice, we have witnessed time and again how insurance companies work against an accident victim in order not to pay fairly on a claim. At Braff Law Group, our team of Watsonville injury attorneys believes that injury victims should never have to accept unfair settlements from the insurance companies and suffer as a result. We know how insurance companies work to diminish claims and make it our mission to ensure that each client gets the compensation they deserve.

An accident can rob you not only of physical strength but also emotional strength. You may not know where to turn or who to talk to. That is when having a legal advocate in your corner is so important. At Braff Law Group, our job is to listen, respond, and legally support you during this vulnerable time. We take a personal approach to each case we accept and work diligently on each client’s behalf.

Highly Skilled Professionals

Each of our Watsonville personal injury lawyers is a highly skilled professional with years of experience recovering the maximum compensation possible for injury victims and challenging the insurance companies. Because we are also skilled trial lawyers, we never just stop at negotiating a settlement if it is not an adequate one. If no fair settlement can be reached, we will take your case to court to make sure you get the compensation you legally deserve. When it comes to the rights of the victim, we relentlessly pursue justice.

Personal Attention

Although we have represented countless injury victims throughout the San Jose area, we will never treat you like a case number. At Braff Law Group, we believe in a client-centric approach to practicing personal injury law. Clients want access to their lawyer. It’s that simple. Many firms will sift clients through support staff and paralegals. This is not fair to the client who is relying on their lawyer for their very future. At Braff Law Group, you have access to your Watsonville injury lawyer 24/7.

A Network of Resources

The proper representation of injury victims requires a team of professionals to do the best job. This team will include medical doctors, rehabilitation professionals, expert witnesses, accident recreation engineers, and technology experts. We have a vast network of these professionals that we work with on a daily basis to ensure our clients’ physical and financial success.

A Focused Practice

Our Watsonville injury lawyers only practice personal injury law. It’s hard to be the best when you do a little bit of everything, yet many lawyers practice multiple areas of the law. Our lawyers represent only the victims of accidents so we know the system and the players. And the insurance industry knows us and how we fight aggressively for our clients.

No Win, No Fee Promise

From the moment you contact us, our Watsonville personal injury attorneys hit the road running and offer you support from day one. We understand that victims may be reluctant to seek the advice of a lawyer which is why we only charge on contingency. This means you will never be responsible for any legal fees unless we win your case. Not only does this cut down on any financial risk to you but it makes us fully accountable for your representation. Call us for a free consultation to understand your rights to compensation after an injury.

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