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What Do You Do When No Personal Injury Lawyer Will Represent You?

You think you have a personal injury case that is worth fighting for. Unfortunately, the community of personal injury lawyers does not agree. When you suffer from a personal injury accident and the other party is at fault, you naturally want to file a personal injury case or lawsuit. But what happens when you can’t find a personal injury lawyer to represent you? Don’t panic, you have many options. Read on to learn more about them.

Why Did The Personal Injury Lawyer Reject Your Case?

The first thing to do is to figure out why a personal injury lawyer in Morgan Hill refused your case. The reasons may not always be obvious, so always be inquisitive. The reasons are various:

● The lawyer may be swamped with existing cases
● The lawyer is facing a conflict of interest

If one lawyer refuses your case, remember the old adage, “there are many fish in the sea” and go find another one. But there may be complexities with your case that will make personal injury lawyers, in general, refuse your case. Nobody wants to take on a case which does not cover their efforts and cost.

Your case will never win

If your case has no chance of settling, no personal injury lawyer will accept your case. Part of the reason is that lawyers can be sanctioned, debarred, or even sued by the other party for a frivolous lawsuit. A good example of this is a case where the statute of limitations has passed.

The payout is too low

Personal injury lawyers run expensive practices. They have expenses to cover and bills to pay. Generally, these will be paid by the proceeds from the settlement from your case. So, if your case has too low of settlement value, don’t be surprised if you are always ‘shown the door.’
You don’t have a personal injury case if your case belongs to another category, don’t be surprised if many personal injury lawyers reject it.

You said the wrong thing

Good examples are if you are obviously equally at fault for the accident, or you are a known and compulsive liar. Lawyers have also been known to reject ‘difficult cases.’ These tend to be where the client asks what the settlement value will be upfront.

You still have options

You still have options if a personal injury lawyer declines your case. This is especially true if your case really isn’t in the personal injury category. But if you are looking for redressal, you can always get a second opinion about your case. Thus, consult another lawyer and see if they have a different solution to your case.